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Missouri and Kansas Pet Trust Lawyer


Dear Friends and Family,

 Do you consider your pet companion a part of the family?

 Does your furry friend bring you happiness and unconditional love?

 Are you concerned what might happen to your pet if you unexpectedly pass away or suddenly became unable to provide adequate care for him or her? 

If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, take action and eliminate the possibility that your pet could end up in a shelter. Most people believe they will outlive their pet or that a friend or family member will step right in and take over.  However, the opposite is often true.  Without taking measures to control the future life of your pet, you have no assurance that your pet will maintain the lifestyle he or she is accustomed to or that they will even have a home.  According to ASCPA, “5 to 7 million companion animals enter shelters nationwide every year, and 3 to 4 million are euthanized.” Many of these animals entering these shelters are the result of an owner passing or becoming disabled. 

Our law firm is on a mission to help pet parents prevent this very real possibility from happening.  Through a Pet Trust or Pet Care Agreement, you can take measures to control the outcome of your pet’s life if something happens to you. 

What is a Pet Care Agreement?

 A Pet Care Agreement is a written agreement between a pet parent and a selected caretaker that allows the pet parent to describe how the pet should be cared for, what each pet likes or dislikes, and allows for the ability to leave funds to the guardian to help pay for the future costs of caring for their pet.  A verbal agreement alone does not ensure that your expectations will be fulfilled. Our pet care agreement will provide that security and sense of comfort for your family.

 What is a Pet Trust?

 A Pet Trust is a legal arrangement to provide care and maintenance for a pet in the event of the pet parent’s disability or death. A Pet Trust starts with the Initial Pet Owner(s) or Grantor(s).  The Grantor selects a Pet Guardian and a Trustee.  The Guardian is the individual who has agreed to take the Pet(s).  The Trustee is the individual who will manage the money and work with the guardian to care for the Pet(s).  The Grantor includes all important information about their Pet(s) including without limitation, behavioral info, health info, likes, dislikes, vet and emergency hospital info, day care, boarding and grooming providers, and so on.  Funds are transferred into an account and distributed over the pet’s remaining life. Grantor is also able to select the beneficiaries for any remaining funds, such as a no kill shelter.


Why is a Pet Care Agreement or Pet Trust better than a Will?


A Pet Trust allows for the immediate disbursement of funds to begin care for the Pet(s) in their new home.  A Pet Care Agreement or Trust includes important information about the Pet(s) needs and a typical Will does not.  A Will takes many months to resolve and often becomes contested, which means any money left to the Pet(s) for their care could be held up for several months.

What next?

Simply send an email requesting additional information to cr@muxlowlaw.com and we will follow up with pricing information and a simple questionnaire to get things started.  If we are successful in this venture, we will save lives and help ensure that your precious family member will maintain a happy and comfortable life if you cannot be there to do so yourself.